Monday, November 22, 2010

A Prayer for the Weak

Why did you plant this horrible seed in my heart?
Why did you have to hurt me?
Be impatient with me?
Teach me sadness?
Teach me rage?

Why didn't you tell me you loved me?
Why didn't you help me?
Why did you mock me, harass me, envy me & trick me

I can't seem to break this chain
I can't seem to make a trail to blaze

These days are like battle grounds slowly forming their own future, a future I DON'T WANT a future I MUST AVOID a future THAT'S NOT MINE a life I DON'T WANT a legacy I CAN'T BEGIN

Please Lord God, please, please, help me to be a different me

Please murder this pattern, this broken heart, this impatient need for satisfaction

Please smite this anger, this hate, this judgment, this selfishness

Please Lord, please

Please hear me

Please help me


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