Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Forget the Moment

(An unfinished song written around 2004)

a room with two people
one afraid & one a silent mess
here in the shadows
weighted down & heavy with your breath
cursed to be locked in
& never to be free....

bitten by satan
bleeding into me
then in the school yard all their faces
lining up to see
that you were wanting, truly wanting
I could never give you love

Forget the moment

a flower slowly dying
in the fire of your sun
I'm in the closet holding secrets
not knowing what I've lost
you are a boy with pure desire
take your aim at me

living in the shadows
scared to take a breath
I pray to God for absolution
while I struggle in my bed
what am I nothing but a body?
For you to have your way

What is it that I owe you?
My blood & all my hate
You pin me down so you can view me
& hold me as your prey
you call me slut & roll me over
What is it with this man?

Forget the moment

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